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About My Garden and hydroponics

my homemade easy-to-make 6plant wick method system
Cucumber and Tomato crop schedules
Introduction to Hydroponics
Hand Watered bucket system plans
Water culture system plans
Ebb & Flow System plans


My name is Josh.I love to garden, I have a big garden which includes: 13 little marvel pea plants 25 stalks of Early Sungrow Sweet corn 4 pickling cucumbers vines 12 straight edge cucumbers vines 8 heads of crisphead lettuce 5 carrot 1 big max competition size pumpkin plant 1 eggplant 1 tomato plant 6 sweet bell pepper plants 2 strawberry plants 5 rose bushes and 2 bird of paradise. That is my garden and earthbox and hydroponic plants. I got my seeds from Burpee seeds, American seeds NK lawn & Garden seeds,and martha stewert seeds....yes Kmart bluelight special Hydroponics. Thank you for coming to this website . You have come here specifically for hydroponics and gardening . Within the text of this website we will cover all of the basics on hydroponics and what you need to know to start your own hydroponic garden. For those of you that are new to the concept, Hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil. This concept has been around for years and years, but has taken off over the past 50 years extremely fast. These days a lot of the worlds food is growen using hydroponics. We have now discussed that we do not use soil, so what in the world do we use. instead of the soil we use a growing medium that can vary from perlite,vermiculite, granules, crushed rock all the way to shards of brick.

What I work with:

At this time I have a Wick hydroponic system and an Earthbox.and my big garden

Hours: I sometimes mess with my garden after school. I definately spend time on the weekends weeding and fertilizing.

How To Order: Please email me if you would like to purchase seeds
I sell seeds in batches of 10 seeds for 5 cents
the following seeds are for sale
Little marvel pea
jack be little pumpkin
small fancy gourds
straight edge cucumbers
sweet bell peppers
pickling cucumbers
Big max competition size pumpkins
sweet corn
crisphead lettuce
sugar baby watermelon

I have not started producing hydroponic systems for sale yet, but its on my list of things to do.
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