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About My Garden and hydroponics

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my homemade easy-to-make 6plant wick method system
Cucumber and Tomato crop schedules
Introduction to Hydroponics
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Water culture system plans
Ebb & Flow System plans


Introduction to Hydroponics

By: Josh Bazata



Hydroponics is the word that is used to describe the ways that a plant can be raised without the use of soil. It is also called soil less gardening. Instead of using soil as the growing medium, you replace it with other mediums such as perlite, vermiculite, gravel, sand, Styrofoam, shards of brick or even crushed rocks. By using these mediums you immediately eliminate soil diseases and pests. One of the coolest things is that there are now weeds. NO WEEDING!! Yay. The plants grow rapidly faster than plants growing in soil. Fertilizer and water are conserved because they can be used again and again.


Hydroponic Methods

Okay, I’ve covered some interesting information on hydroponics now I’m going to cover some of the methods.



Water Culture: One of the most easiest methods. By filling a container filled with water or a nutrient solution you pick the simplest and least expensive methods. I started out by getting some PVC square piping and gluing four together. I then fill a Styrofoam cup with perlite and place the plant in it and cutting a slits on the sides of the cup and bottom. Then I cut a hole in the PVC piping so the lip of the cup keeps it from falling through. I cut the pvc so that it fit in a fish aquarium and then put a drain pipe on the side of the tank towards the bottom so that I can drain the tank when I need to put  new nutrient solution in. If you need more information on water culture and some system plans please email me at .



Wick Method


This is the method that I use at the present time . It involves a container or pot filled with your growing medium in which the plant is places. You make a wick from a towel/cloth or a thick oil lamp wick that runs from the draining hole at the bottom of the container  and sits in your nutrient solution. I runt he wick from my aquarium tank nutrient solution all the way up through the draining hole up past the roots so that it moistens the roots and the surrounding medium. For more info on the wick method and system plans please email me at .