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Cucumber and Tomato crop schedules
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Cucumber and Tomato crop schedules
Introduction to Hydroponics
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Ebb & Flow System plans

Useful crop schedules.

Combination crop of spring cucumbers and fall tomatoes



Dec 25-31 - Sow cucumber seeds (and lettuce seeds)

Feb 1- 15 - Transplant cucumbers (and lettuce) into garden / earthbox

March 1-15 - Harvest lettuce and begin to harvest cucumbers

June 25-July 15- Remove cucumbers, clean up, sterilize, etc.


June 15-30 - Sow tomato (and lettuce) seeds

July 20-31 - Transplant tomatoes (and lettuce)

Sept 15 - Harvest lettuce

Oct 1 - Begin harvesting tomatoes

Dec 15-25 - Remove tomato plants, clean up, sterilize, etc

A 3 crop schedule for annual cucumber production

Jan 1 - Sow cucumber (and lettuce) seeds [First Crop]

Feb 1-15 - Transplant into beds [First Crop]

March 1 - Harvest lettuce

March 31 - Begin harvesting cucumbers

May 1 - Sow cucumber (and lettuce) seeds [Second Crop]

May 31 - Pull cucumbers of first crop ,clean up ,etc

June 1-10 - Transplant cucumbers (and lettuce) into beds [second crop]

July 1 - Harvest Lettuce

July15 - Begin harvesting cucumbers [second crop]
Aug 1 - Sow cucumber seeds (third crop)

Aug 31 - Pull cucumber plants of second crop, clean up, sterilize, etc

Sept 1-10 - Transplant cucumbers into beds (third crop)

Oct 15 ` - Begin harvesting cucumbers

Dec20 -31 -` Pull plants [ third crop] clean up etc

Jan 1-10 - Sow cucumber seeds

Feb 1-15 - Transplant into beds

March 15- 31 - Begin harvesting cucumbers

April-Nov 15 - Harvest cucumbers

Nov15- Dec31- Remove plants, clean up, etc

Cucumbers should be trained under two systems, the renewal umbrella system, and the V-Cordon system. A V-cordon system trains the plants to make the best use of available light. Two support wires are placed 6 to 7 feet above the ground over each row of plants. The wires are spaced 2 to 3 feet apart. The support strings are then tied alternately to the two overhead wires so the plants are inclined away from the row on each side. Suckering and trimming of cucumbers is necessary to obtain a balance between the vegetative vigor and fruit load of each plant. Suckers an also all blossoms and fruit should be removed up to the fifth true leaf.
If too many fruits are allowed to form at any one time, a large proportion will abort because the plant may not have sufficient food reserves to develop them. If a heavy load of fruit sets, often malformed or poorly colored fruits develop which are unmarketable. Remove them at an early stage. Multiple fruits in one axil should be thinned to one.

The renewal umbrella system of training plants is achieved by the following steps: (Loughton 1975)

1. The main stem should be stopped at one leaf above the support wire. Pinch out the growing point at that level. Tie a small loop of string around the wire and below the top leaf so that the plant will not slide down the main string.
2. Do Not allow fruits to develop on main stem up to about four feet
3. Remove all laterals in the leaf axils on the main stem, except 2 at the top
4. Train the top 2 laterals over the wire to hang down on either side of the main stem. Allow those to grow to two-thirds on the way down the main stem.
5. Remove all secondary laterals, except two at the top.
6. While the fruits on the first laterals are maturing, allow the second laterals to grow out and downward.
7. When the fruits on the first laterals have been harvested, remove them completely, allowing the second laterals to develop.
8. Repeating steps 5,6,and 7 will maintain fruit production.

Some growers carry a cucumber crop for 10 months using this renewal umbrella system and obtain over 100 cucumbers per plant!

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